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Helping Others Through Ebay

We are Helping Humans, an established non-profit organization (NPO). We auction and sell items donated by other non-profits and give them up to 80% of the earnings. We are a top rated seller on eBay and will only take 20-30% of the earnings to thoroughly and efficiently process every transaction for you. Through communicating with other NPOs, we hope to facilitate our mission of helping others by finding the value in items others might have no use for. The non-profit organization through which the item was contributed can then donate the obtained revenue and pass it on to any charitable cause of their choice. Throughout the years, we have raised over $100,000 for other non-profits.

In addition, we have been able to donate hundreds of thousands of baseball cards to our brave Armed Forces over seas. Please navigate our website and feel free to view our eBay auctions for quality items and to help some great causes.

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Help us bring hope, and joy to the many families in need


Making A Difference Around the world

Thanks to the support of our many fellow ebayers: we have been able to donate well over $65,000 to various charities and causes.


Helping Our Troops Home and Abroad.

What has little value to you, could make all the difference in a soldiers life.


Helping Fellow Americans in Need

We strive to help fellow Americans who have suffered hard ships. Please help be a part of our cause.